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About Intancio

Intancio is an online store and workshop specializing in professional clothing for choreography, ballet, artistic gymnastics, and other aesthetic sports. Our main focus is on high-quality rehearsal clothing, equipment, sportswear, and costumes for performances.

At our workshop, you will find a wide selection of clothing models, high-quality materials, a variety of beautiful colors, and the ability to find the perfect fit based on your figure. We understand the unique characteristics of dancers and gymnasts' bodies and know how to accommodate them in our work.

Our own production and development facilities are located in Dmitrov, Moscow region. Over the course of 5 years, Intancio has completed over 4000 orders for collectives, clubs, and sports schools. Students of choreographic colleges, professional artists, and athletes choose Intancio's rehearsal clothing. Intancio works with teams and clubs from all over the world, and we have customers from Spain, Italy, USA, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, UAE, Belarus, and other countries (detailed ordering and delivery conditions are available).

We also make club prints and other custom products for clubs, dance schools and dance companies. We ship worldwide! ♡

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